What Makes Us Different

“Do you provide free estimates?”question mark

We get asked this question multiple times a week and sometimes customers are put off by our answer.

No, we do not provide free estimates and here’s why.

When one of our talented Service Technicians comes out to your residence we are assuming that we are going to fix whatever appliance it is that we are working on. Not only are we assuming that we can fix it, but most of the time we can fix it within the first half hour that we are there. Did you know that the service call we charge INCLUDES the first half hour of service? That means that for one fee ($81) we will drive out to your residence, diagnose, and most likely repair your appliance(Cost of parts not included). If we do have to order a part and return at a later date we charge our labor in 15 minute increments so that you as the customer are not paying for time that we are not working on your appliance.

So, in short, the answer that we do not offer free estimates is because here at Appliance Guys Inc, we want to get you up and running ASAP and by coming prepared to fix your appliance the first time around we are able to complete more repairs faster and the first time that we are out there. That’s also why our lovely office staff¬†asks so many questions when you call. We like to be as prepared as possible!

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