Questions and Answers

My freezer is cold but the my fridge isn’t.

– Check the fan in the freezer, if the fan isn’t working that may be causing the fridge to be warm.

– Check for an abnormal amount of frost buildup on the back wall of the freezer. If you see this, you may have a defrost problem.

My dryer takes too long to dry.

– Make sure that your vent hose behind the dryer isn’t smashed or kinked.

– Make sure that your lint trap is clean.

– Make sure that you are doing medium to small sized loads in your dryer. The clothes need room to move around.

My dishwasher isn’t cleaning the dishes well.

– Make sure to pre rinse your dishes.

– Make sure that the spray arms on the bottom of the dishwasher are spinning freely.

My dishwasher is overflowing with soap suds.

– Make sure that you are using the correct amount of soap. You don’t need much especially if you have soft water.

– If the issue persists you may need to have your dishwasher cleaned and serviced to fix the issue.

How often should I change or clean the filters on my A/C or Furnace?

At minimum filters should be cleaned and possibly changed once a season.

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