Affresh Washer Cleaner

Does your washing machine look like this?

dishwasher dirty

There have been times when mine has! Too many pairs of muddy kid clothing, or cleaning rags after a top to bottom house scrub can cause your washing machine to build up dirt and grime. What can you do about it? Bleach? Vinegar? Sure, but if you want a all in one cleaner that actually works better than bleach, you should check out…


Affresh!!!! Every Appliance Guy technician carries these on their truck and can provide you with 1, 2, or 10! Affresh is a easy way to keep your washing machine squeaky clean.

Check out the directions below for how to use and a link to the affresh website!


1. Empty your washer.

2. Place one tablet of affresh® Washer cleaner directly in the washer tub – not in the dispenser.

3. Run the washer on a clean washer cycle or a normal cycle with a hot water setting.

4. Simply wipe away any residue that may be left behind after the cycle ends.

5. Throw away whatever cleaners you were using before.

6. And, always be sure to follow your washer’s Use & Care Guide for instructions on proper maintenance.

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